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I’m sharing this post from Spokane resident Dick Adams as an example of the Spokesman-Review’s media malfeasance and malpractice [Paper of record of Spokane, WA]. IMHO the S-R is being used as an instrumentality of an ongoing criminal enterprise to conceal the illegal acts of its owners [River Park Square and other projects] through its own self-censoring of stories and censoring of alternative info and reader comments. The systemic level of political/governmental corruption in Spokane is the worst I’ve witnessed in my 35-year law enforcement career.

I’m also sharing an email to the S-R Editorial Board by award winning investigative journalist Tim Connor of Camas Magazine ( who has documented this ongoing fraud for the last seven years. Connor is taking to task S-R Editor Steve Smith for the hypocrisy of his past actions and the S-R’s behavior re the new S-R draft code of ethics.

There is a national angle to this story as the matriarch of the Cowles family [Owners of the S-R] is married now to the patriarch of the New York Times family. The family just spent $41M to purchased several TV stations in California. The Cowles family are founding members of the AP and continue to sit on its board. Nothing re this fraud and conspiracy rarely leaves Spokane. For a more in depth piece on the pervasiveness of this conspiracy see Terresa Monroe-Hamiliton’s post ant the Media Mythbusters Blog:

An Army of Davids Strikes – Spokane, WA

Terresa and I are about to unveil a new fan website for the Mark Fuhrman Radio Show. This show fell victim to the “usual suspects” as it was cutting too close to the bone on the River Park Square fraud. Tom Grant an award winning investigative TV reporter was also similarly squelched by the Cowles. In the meantime we have started an email group to post new information. If you would like to join the list go here:

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The citizens of Spokane need your help to break this story nationally. This house of cards will topple in the light of national media attention. This story also includes the tragic and untimely “Death by Parking” of Ms. Jo Savage in the River Park Square parking garage that IMHO was a negligent homicide that should have been investigated and prosecuted as a first degree manslaughter. This is documented in Connor’s partner Larry Shook in his soon to be published book, Girl from Hotsprings, a chronicle of former Councilperson Cherie Rodgers who has unceasingly attempted to expose this fraud. The sitting US Attorney for the Eastern Washington District, Jim McDevitt, may be complicit in this fraud and has recused himself from the new federal criminal investigation underway by the US Attorney’s Office in Seattle, WA.

I’m invoking the Instapundit’s Army of Davids effect. Please spread the word. If you can we would appreciate a link. More importantly if you have contact with any national investigative reporters who are looking for their next intriguing story by all means pimp this story. Pulitzer anyone?

Please help the citizens of Spokane to rid themselves of this river leech that is sucking the its life’s blood and soul.


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