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August 4th, 2010

Prosecutor Steve Tucker on Fitzsimmons Radio Show – Still claiming “support” of AG McKenna & Sheriff Knezovich

Spokane Prosecutor Steve Tucker just concluded his interview on the Mike Fitzsimmons Radio Show.  Tucker is still claiming the support of WA Attorney General Rob McKenna and Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich – support vs. endorsement?  I challenged Tucker on the air that this perhaps misleading the voters.  It kind of like being half pregnant.

I also challenged him on the Jo Ellen homicide case as to why Tucker didn’t compel a complete and thorough criminal investigation be done by the either the Spokane PD, the Sheriff or the WA State Patrol after he received the material from the US Attorney Office into the Jo Ellen Savage homicide case before he made his decision that there was “insufficient evidence” to file criminal charges.

Here’s the audio of this interview – you decide what the truth is:

August 3rd, 2010

BREAKING – Former Sheriff Bamonte supports Stevens for Co Prosecutor

Former Sheriff Bamonte and I met with Dave Stevens a candidate for Spokane Co Prosecutor for three hours on Sunday. We have carefully evaluated all of the candidates for Spokane County Prosecutor with the exception of Steve Tucker the incumbent. It should be of no surprise that we’re actively campaigning against Tucker. Tucker has pulled another stunt claiming the support of Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich in his new campaign website

We have chosen to support Dave Stevens as we believe he has the fire in his belly to aggressively prosecute career criminals and to stop the revolving door involving the 72 hour arraignment fiasco that Tucker has not taken a leadership role to resolve with the leaders of the criminal justice system.

You can listen to the candidate interviews at the preceding post. Please see Dave Stevens’ website and support his candidacy if you agree with Sheriff Bamonte’s and my opinion:’s Dave’s Facebook page: you’re having difficulty filling out your primary ballot. Here’s who Ron IS NOT VOTING for:US Senator Patty Murray NO – Likely to vote for either Dino Rossi or Chris DidierLaurel Siddoway NO – Court of Appeals – I’m supporting Harvey Dunham

Legislative District 6 – Likely to vote for Michael Baumgartner

State Representative Pos 2 – Likely to vote for John Ahern

Assessor Ralph Baker NO – Likely to vote for Vickie Horton or Gina McKenzie

[Note:  If you’re undecided watch KREM2 News on Thursday between 5PM and 6PM for an investigative report on the Assessor’s Office.  Also read the Inlander for another investigative piece soon on the Assessor’s Office.  You decide what the truth is and make an informed vote]

County Commissioner – NOT VOTING for Al French. May vote for incumbent Bonnie Mager or one of the other Reps in the race.

Det. Ron Wright (Retired)

August 2nd, 2010

Spokane Co Prosecutor – Interviews with the candidates

All of the candidates appeared at the League of Women Voters’ candidate forum.  You can go here and watch the interviews.  Click on this link:

Click on other video programs and then on “2010 Primary County Election Forum.”  This is the forum where incumbent Steve Tucker claimed the support of AG Rob McKenna and Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich.  See my previous post.

Steve Tucker so far has responded to invites of Mike Fitzsimmons to come on his show:

Dave Stevens:

Frank Malone:

Jim Reierson:

Chris Bugbee:


Steve Tucker appeared on the Fitzsimmons Radio Show this afternoon.  Tucker is still claiming the support of AG Rob McKenna and Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich.  Listen to the audio and you decide what the truth is: