Former Sheriff Tony Bamonte drops a bombshell on Spokane City Hall –

Nationally famous former Sheriff Tony Bamonte of “Breaking Blue” fame ( ( dropped this bombshell on City Hall.

Sheriff Bamonte requested a grand jury investigation of organized crime in Spokane in a letter he personally delivered to City Hall addressed to Mayor Dave Condon and City Attorney Nancy Isserlis:

Wonder why the Spokane Police Dept. is perhaps understaffed by 100 officers as reported by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs and Spokane is tops in total crime rate for WA? It’s second to Tacoma in the violent crime rate as reported by KREM ( (NOTE: I may have said violent crime in a previous post)

Our local government has allowed WE THE PEOPLE to be robbed in broad daylight many times, over many years of many $100M of dollars. Consequently the SPD an essential governmental service has been allowed to be attritted.

. . . I again request a grand jury involving the commission of organized criminal activity and corruption by public officials in Spokane. This activity involves members of Spokane’s most powerful family (specifically Stacey Cowles, Betsy Cowles and Jim Cowles) and numerous public officials named below. It involves mullions of public dollars channeled to members of that family that easily fall within the category of illegal donative intent: It also involves a death, which was deliberately and blatantly covered up by Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Kenzovich, Spokane City Attorney Howard Delaney, Spokane Assistant City Attorney Rocky Trepidi [sic], Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, and Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire, U. S. Assistant Attorney Robert Westinghouse; and Spokane based FBI agent Frank Harrill. This demonstrates the ability and control of the Cowles Publishing Company, which also owns KHQ-TV/. . ., over our government from our city, up to and including our state and federal level government . . . .

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