Law extends time limit for Spokane River cleanup

[S-R article by Richard Roesler 05-12-09]

Do I detect the hand of the Cowles family yet again?

In case any one’s keeping book the Inland Empire Paper plant  (Owned by the Cowles) by concentration as a point source of phosphates to the Spokane River is second largest contributor just behind the entire City of Spokane. The Cowles Co. was a behind the scenes player in the 80’s  raid on Liberty Lake sewer project that left that city with excess sewerage capacity that the citizens of Liberty Lake were left paying for.  A similar MO?  Read more in the previous post at FOF:

Inland Empire Paper objects to new discharge deadline (A Cowles Company)

and at Rocket’s Brain Trust:

Shades of the Incinerator Project?

I rescanned Larry Shook’s article “Sewer Wars” from the 80’s and it’s more readable. It’s a large PDF file so I’m hosting it on one of my servers.  You’ll probably have to “zoom in” a bit to read it but it’s definitely better than the copy I had before:

Sewer Wars Grass-roots action in a Spokane suburb touches off a sewerage grab by developers, the County, and the state DOE