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As I said along time ago, Dominic de Villepin is an asshat who sucker punched and pulled the rug out from under Colin Powell  the day before he was to address the UN.  As we in the Blogosphere know the French were not our friends in the UN Security Council re the vote on Iraq.  In fact behind the scenes they were actively working against our interests.  Of course this has nothing to do with the French being on both ends of Suddam’s oil for food scam receiving the most payouts followed by the Russians and the Chinese.

It’s not a stretch of the imagination that former Ambassador Joe Wilson could have been an active participant or at least a stooge of a French Intel’s disinformation campaign to discredit Bush while covering the asses of de Villepin and Jacques Chirac (*).  Mind you there is information that it Chirac and de Villepin were dangling EU membership in front of the Turks who at the last minute denied the US access to Iraq from the North and shut their airspace.  Perhaps if the US Army could have invaded from the North, the insurgency would have been crushed early instead of bogging us down.  Now throw into the mix the infamous “yellow cake’ fiasco that was seized upon by the MSM in Bush’s State of the Union address, this may be more true than not.

See this latest in this AFP article on deVillepin’s criminal trial:

New revelations add twist to ex-French PM’s trial

(AFP) – Sep 6, 2009

PARIS — The upcoming trial of former French prime minister Dominique de Villepin took a new twist Sunday with fresh revelations that the top politician knowingly plotted to smear President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Villepin goes on trial on September 21 on charges of conspiring to slander Sarkozy in the so-called Clearstream affair, a complex case dating back to 2004 when the two men were locked in a bitter rivalry for the French presidency.

The former prime minister and foreign minister, who led the charge against the US invasion war of Iraq at the United Nations, has denied any wrongdoing and struck back, accusing Sarkozy of meddling.

But a leading newspaper at the weekend quoted an affidavit from a key defendant, Imad Lahoud, as saying that Villepin was behind the conspiracy targeting Sarkozy.

Lahoud told French investigators in December that he had added Sarkozy’s name to a bogus list of Clearstream account holders who had allegedly received kickbacks from arms sales to Taiwan, the Journal du Dimanche reported.

“By doing this, I was contributing to sidelining Nicolas Sarkozy,” Lahoud, a former employee of European aerospace giant EADS, told investigators, according to the report . . .

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AFP – France – Explosive politically-charged trial – the Clearstream affair [Via Breitbart]


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