In Update II to The Currency of the New Media I childed the S-R regarding Jonathon Brunt’s article was MIA on Sheriff Bamonte’s letters urging the Jo Savage death in the RPS parking garage be investigated as a manslaughter:

Manslaughter charges urged in RPS garage death

I sent an email to S-R Online Director Ryan Pitts:

Just thought I would make you aware that on your webpage under “ongoing coverage” on River Park Square crash, that the Jonathan Brunt’s August 24, 2007 story isn’t listed.  I couldn’t hit on it either using Google and using the search function on your webpage.  I eventually had to go to a pay site to get it .  .  .

Ryan promptly responded and Brunt’s article was found and the S-R links were restored:

The story shows up on the headline list for 8/24/2007, so I have no idea why Google doesn’t find it.

However, it was keyworded incorrectly, which is what kept it from also showing up on the River Park Square ongoing coverage page. That’s fixed now.


 I promptly replied and expressed my displeasure regarding my comment being censored in this discussion thread at S-R’s Blog “New is a Conversation.”


Thx.  I appreciate it.  I used several search words including Brunt, Bamonte, and Savage et al both on your internal search function and Googled externally using the same terms.  The only hits back to the S-R server were for the follow-up story re Knezovich’s agreeing with Kirkpatrik’s decision to kick the Savage investigation to the feds.   This story I’m guessing never went out on the AP wire as no links were found to other papers picking up the story even though it ran on S-R’s Page One above the fold here. The only external link I found was to a arhive[sic] subscription site. The site only gives a teaser excerpt and requires a fee for the entire story.  Here’s the link.  Don’t know if you can open it because it’s enabled by my IP and subscription.

I’m sorry for my “snarky comment” that the “powers that be” have since pulled but S-R Associate Editor Gary Crooks opened the door with his rhetorical question to me.  Having been a career investigative bureaucrat for many years, sometimes a little prodding is necessary to further these investigations along.  That was my point re the lack of investigative zeal the S-R’s part that is inconsistent with my experience with newspapers and reporters.  This is also on point with the discussion Ast. City Editor David Wasson and I were having regarding the ability of the new/alternative media  to hold the MSM accountable for its news product. Because of the “family’s” connection to the Savage case there is an inherent conflict of interest.  If what Sheriff Bamonte and I believe to be the truth in the Savage death case there is a strong motivation not to have this investigation proceed to its logical conclusion.  There is the appearance of evil here whether it exists or not.

Generally if I’m not mistaken a follow-up story by now would be the journalistic norm instead of just waiting for the kettle to come to a boil.   As a point of comparison and relevance the “monkey story” is running today on S-R’s Page One in the right column.  I know Mr. Smith’s position is that when there is “new” news the S-R will report it.    On the other hand I believe it is a fundamental journalistic responsibility to the people to ask the probative questions so that we the people can hold our elected/appointed accountable.  By not asking these questions whether there is any animus or complicity on the part of the S-R owners does not lend any credibility to the S-R.  This is further compounded when my “ankle-biting” comments are summarily censored.

Again thanks for your assist.

Det. Ron Wright (Retired)