MSM censorship of its critics & control of the news/thought/information of the day – The Savage Manslaughter Case & the Spokesman-Review

I was answering questions posed to me from other commenters in this open thread that has become a debate on the Climategate story as it develops.  My comment was immediately removed by S-R Associate Editor/Editorial Writer Gary Crooks.  Shades of former S-R Editor Steve Smith?

I posted this already once but it was apparently removed because I linked back to my own site re my criticism of this paper and it’s owners.   I was calling to their attention their hypocrisy re criticism of their business dealings in this town that directly led to the death of Jo Savage and their refusal to cover this story to protect their owners from criminal prosecution. This is a dark little secret in this town that the owners of the paper are trying to keep secret.  Little do they realize the power of the new social media to break the veil on these secrets e.g., the Catholic Church’s longstanding secret of its sexual abuses was broken my this new media in Boston in 2002 (See Shirky’s book “Here comes Everybody’).

‘Out Damn’d spot!’ – the bloodstains of Jo Savage on the S-R newsroom floor won’t go away

In a normal political environment an inquisitive free press would serve as a check by educating and informing its readers on this abuse of power and lack of action by their governmental entities.  These intertwined stories have great news value – The RPS Bond Fraud, the manslaughter death of Jo Savage, the underlying causes and their subsequent cover-ups.  This story would be Page One Above the Fold in the paper of record.  The press as a governmental watchdog by its reporting would drive public opinion that in turn would hold those elected/appointed officials accountable for their actions. Unfortunately in Spokane such information is squelched because the perpetrators own the local newspaper of record, The Spokesman-ReviewThe S-R functions as an instrumentality of this ongoing criminal enterprise/conspiracy to conceal its criminal acts by its self-censorship and under reporting of stories that involve the business/real estate interests of its owners – the Cowles Co.

Here’s the reply in this thread from Gary Crooks an associate editor and editorial writer for the Spokesman-Review.  At least he’s acknowledging in the open his censorship.  See my blog post for the other comments he’s removed without explanation to the readers of this thread.  This is the very point I was making re the CRU and its attack and marginalization of its critics re Climategate.

Gary Crooks on December 04 at 10:07 a.m.


Think the link will stay up on the 1,000th attempt?

Once more and all of your posts in this forum will be taken down.
I’ve now reposted it the link to my site.  BTW I used a “tinyurl” link and did not post the title of my link and yet it was still pulled. Hence my reference to Lady’s McBeth’s lament, “Out Damn’d spot!” Lets see how long this one lasts.

Ron the Cop

  • Ron_the_Cop on December 04 at 9:56 a.m.Jeffrey,No I don’t ignore all the evidence. This is where your critical thinking skills come into play. You don’t put all your eggs in one basket and you take everything with a grain of salt and suspicion. This is because you are dealing with people. This is why you have a jury as the ultimate arbitrator of the facts based on witness testimony/evidence brought before them:The Futurist Magazine – Decision Making Under Pressure by Stan Shapiro…


    Yes, Gary, is being a pompous horse of an elitist aristocracy that is in decline – the MSM. It has lost its bearings and critical thinking ability along with putting aside it normal inquisitive/probing questioning, “Trust no one in authority/power.”

    With the advent of the new/alternative/social media, the masses can now communicate directly with the masses without the filtering/biases of the MSM of what the news/thoughts of the day should be. The medium of expression is now essentially free. No longer do you need huge capital investments to publish/broadcast the news/thoughts of the day. Viewers and readers are free to read/watch sources that have demonstrated validity, reliability, and predictability of future events in their own personal lives. It’s the value of the content that now matters in this new market.

    As I’ve said many times before we are living in a communications reformation period as great or greater that the reformation that took place with moveable type in Martin Luther’s time when control of news/thoughts/information of the day was wrested free of the elitist aristocracy and the Catholic Church e.g., Hewitt, Reynolds, and Shirky I’ve linked above in this thread.

    I’m an optimist that there is a new symbiotic relationship possible between the MSM and the new media. The MSM cannot match the FREE resources of the distributive networks of experts that can fact check and crunch info e.g., crowd sourcing. The MSM does bring order to the process as a valued added service if it would truly follow its core journalistic principles. At least Gary does not delete your comments arbitrarily as he does mine when I call to his attention the hypocrisy of the S-R and its owners.


    Yes you are correct regarding corporations are motivated by their own self-interests. Generally this is a good thing regarding the distribution of goods and services. Other ideologies have failed in this regard and become totalitarian in the process of doing so e.g., Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Maoism, Fascism, tribalism, and the rise of Islamofascism that seek to control the free will of the masses. There are times though when these self-interests become detrimental e.g., the tragedy of the commons. This is where there is a need for government to control the negative externalities e.g., pollution. Ideally this can be remedied by putting the outflow from a polluter above its intake on a river so that these costs are internalized or included in their bottom lines. Don’t get me started on our financial industry in the subprime credit market – pushing credit cards without any due diligence that caused ID theft to explode. What infuriates me is that our enemy in this current war whatever you may want to call it exploited this weakness. We were directly funding our enemy to kill our own troops on the ground in the ME.