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Michael Yon has a new dispatch up at his website. Yon’s new book, Moment of Truth in Iraq, is now available for pre-order. I just posted this comment in Yon’s latest thread.



I ask where can you find the same richness in the dispatches from the MSM like what Michael Yon writes? This is why the MSM is losing credibility in the eyes of their readers and viewers. As I recently wrote on a local issue regarding my paper the Spokesman-Review, Spokane, WA:

As I said at the recent meeting the $64 question is whether the S-R will abide by its Code of Ethics once affirmed.  The onus is upon the S-R to demonstrate to its readers that it will follow the code and that this is not just some PR exercise.  The readers are not dumb as you think.  The readers will ultimately decide the credibility of the S-R as a trusted/reliable  source of news, commentary, and thought of the day.

The traditional media no longer holds the preeminent position of the  du jour source of the news.  See the article below. We are experiencing a major communication reformation as great or greater than that of Martin Luther’s time (Hugh Hewitt’s Blog and Glenn Reynolds’ An Army of Davids).  The new media does not require large capital investments e.g, printing presses and transmission networks of the traditional or mainstream media.  The new medium of expression is essentially free for all to participate.  The currency of the new media is the validity, reliability, and predictability of the information provided in one’s own daily life.  The sources that best meet those needs will attract readers and grow  Those sources which lack credibility and/or don’t correct misinformation quickly will die.

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