SRadio Show To Take To Air April 9

Radio station set to swap formats/Parker Howell, Spokesman-Review

Newsroom E-mail Today: We go on the air with 790 KJRB next Wednesday, April 9 (with veteran co-hosts Dan Mitchinson and Dick Haugen, pictured). … The only requirement for the newsroom is that we continue to produce good stories, because it is our journalism that is the foundation of the radio initiative. Dan and Dick – in addition to doing some of their own reporting – will be using our content throughout the day on the air. In addition to our stories, they’ll be using our audio. … We will be presenting about 2 minutes of Spokesman-Review news at the bottom of the hour, Monday-Friday, from 6:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. It will be a mix of local, regional and state news. Depending on the event, there may be some national news. Our newsroom station is not finished yet so we’ll be spending the first couple of weeks in the KJRB studio on the South Hill. Eventually we hope to add a week-in-review show and perhaps a call-in talk show – both of which would again feature our content and our employees/Carla Savalli, senior editor for local news, Spokesman-Review.

Posted by DFO | 2 Apr 4:46 PM

Not to rain on this parade but I do miss Mark Fuhrman. He was an important and much needed “independent” voice in the Spokane Region.

Carla Savalli got it right but for all the wrong reasons:

It’s the same journalism,” she said. “It’s the quality of work that we do, just imposed on another format. So in that respect it’s not strange at all. It just gives us a chance to go out and get another audience who will hopefully, presumably, subscribe to the newspaper if they aren’t already, or go online.”[…]

Even with the recent layoffs, this is still the largest news-gathering force in the region,” Savalli said. “So we’ve got a lot of muscle to throw at the airwaves, so I hope it makes a difference for Mapleton. Two minutes is pretty limiting, I’ll tell you that.”

Perhaps Ms. Savalli should read the Fancher Report. As I’ve commented before this is worth a read. I believe the Cowles Co media domination then circa the 70’s and now is about the same – 80% when total ad revenue is considered.

Posted by rocketsbrain | 2 Apr 6:25 PM


I posted an excerpt of my comment above in a thread started by DFO at S-R’s Huckleberries Online blog. A regular commenter asked the following question and I replied. Apparently my comment was deemed inappropriate and was removed. I’ll let the readers decide if this was an act of censorship.

Ron the Cop


RBT, are you ever going to stop your obsession with the Fancher Report? I mean, c’mon, even I let go of Jayson Ronk’s lies to the citizens of Kootenai County.(But he was so good at screwing taxpayers out of money, that IACI hired him!)

Posted by ThomG | 5 Apr 8:01 AM



When Hell freezes over:-)

The Fancher Report is as valid today as it was when it was written (Read more here). SRadio is just one more example of the control of news in Spokane. I have nothing against SRadio itself it’s actually a very creative venture, I just want more diversity of “independent” news outlets in Spokane.

Whether you agreed with Mark Fuhrman or not, he was an important “independent” voice in Spokane politics. There were many stories that broke on the Fuhrman Show including the biggest being the recusal of sitting US Attorney Jim McDevitt for the Easter District of WA. IMHO the squelching of Mark Fuhrman was a hit plain and simple by the “usual suspects.” This new venture between the S-R and Mapleton Communications LLC just solidifies my belief of this collusion.

As I replied to Dr. Olsen in another S-R thread:

Dr. Olsen, You are so correct and I concur.

Yes, it is the shinning light of an independent and engaged free press that serves as a fundamental independent check on the abuses of power of our government that WE THE PEOPLE choose to govern.

We are in the debt of our founding fathers that recognized and encouraged a diverse and vibrant free press which they empowered with great responsibility in the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

This is what makes us fundamentally distinct from those repressive and totalitarian governments like the Iranian Regime. These regimes suppress the free flow of information and repress severely those who would criticize those who hold positions of power and trust. After all, all power flows from . . .


Det. Ron Wright (Retired)

Posted by rocketsbrain | 5 Apr 11:58 AM


I wrote DFO as to what was offending and got this reply back:


OK. What put this one on the delete list? Most of this is up at News is a
Conversation? What is the “usual suspects”? TG asked a legitimate question
and I responded. Look this whole things smacks of the MO that sent Tom
Grant packing from KXLY and then later from FOX28. I have direct evidence
of this prior play. I working on finding the same fingerprints on the “take
out” of the Furhman Show. Is it just coincidental that the S-R and Mapleton
Communications are now in a joint venture on this radio project?

You might be interested in this letter I sent to Mapleton Communications
prior to the sales becoming final.


I killed it. as i’ve told you before i have no interest in your obsession with the cowles … i’ve told you a coupla times now that you’re welcome to post about other subjects. but i’m not going to let my blog become your personal rant chamber for conspiracy theories … few if anybody on my side of the state line are interested … i’m certainly not — dfo

I wrote back:


OK your blog and sand box. I wouldn’t have posted the reply if TG hadn’t asked. You might as well kill his post too as it makes no sense now.

As Dr. Phil says I’ve been around the block several times and have been investigating criminal conspiracies for over thirty years. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will. I’m sure you are familiar with former Sheriff Tony Bamonte, “a cop’s cop”, who solved a Spokane murder in the 30’s that was chronicled by a NYT reporter in “Breaking Blue.” He’s not a “conspiracy theorist” and we concur on most things involving the Cowles Co.

Here’s a little teaser that I picked up regarding Tom Grant and the pressure that the Cowles Co were wielding then against KXLY:

From: Steve Herling
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2001 2:34 PM
To: [xxxx]
Cc: Chris Gilks, Michelle McIntyre, Teddie Gibbon
Subject: Re: Tom Grant

We do not agree with that assessment. RiverPark Square alone is testament to our ability to forgo ad dollars for truth. We have been off their “buy” list for over 2 years costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars because we supported the reporting, whether Tom Grant or any of our staff (yes there were other of our reporters on RPS than Tom). We never have shied from the truth for dollars and we’ve proven it. We have reported negative news about car dealers and taken the hit….

Det. Ron Wright (Retired)