Former Sheriff Tony Bamonte, Larry Shook and I appeared on Andrea Shea King’s Radio Show.  Andrea’s show is broadcast live on the Internet worldwide from Florida.   Here’s Andrea’s blog post on this show.

The choice of Michael Ormsby by the Obama Administration as the chief law enforcement position of Eastern WA – US Attorney for the Eastern District of WA is simply beyond the pale.  This has nothing to do with political ideology.  Ormsby’s should have been indicted for his role in the $100 million dollar River Park Square bond fraud according to veteran award winning investigative journalist Tim Connor.  Connor said of Ormsby’s nomination is , . . .  like nominating Bernie Madoff to head the Securities and Exchange Commission. It makes no sense.”

Four prominent citizens wrote President Obama a year ago opposing Ormsby’s nomination when his name was first submitted by Sen. Patty Murray and yet President Obama has now formally submitted Ormsby’s name for Senate confirmation.  A link to this letter can be found here:

Michael Ormsby for US Attorney – Akin to Barney Madoff for SEC Chair

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