Perhaps the Obama Administration can get out front on this potential revolt instead of waiting in the wings.  The single greatest threat to the strategic interests of the US besides the economic rise of China, is this fanatical theocratic Islamofascist regime using its oil money to fuel its all out quest for a nuclear weapon and it’s funding of Hamas and Hezbollah, its surrogates, to foster terror all through the Middle East.

The Achilles heel of this despotic regime is its dependence on imported gasoline stocks even though it has considerable oil reserves.  Iran has diverted by funding its nuclear program and its terrorists surrogates, it has allowed it’s domestic gas refining infrastructure/capacity to seriously deteriorate.  There were riots in the street when the regime allowed the price of gas to float up.  Gas in Iran is heavily subsidized.  Hence the importance of this report by Timmerman of an attack on one of the last functioning oil refineries.  I worked with Timmerman with CA Assemblyman Davis to force the CA pension behemoths to work to divest from third party entities that continue to do business with the Iranian Regime e.g., Royal Dutch Shell.  I’ve long said a way to toppling this regime would be several well placed IEDs with plausible denial in these last functioning oil refineries.

Unfortunately many Americans do not pay much attention to world geopolitics beyond what is reported by the talking heads of our MSM.  Perhaps giving an example in popular cultural terms would be useful.  Allegorically consider Iran as the dark lord and Hamas & Hezbollah as the death eaters in the world of Harry Potter.  Not unlike the rise of the Third Reich and the battle of Good vs. Evil in Tolkien’s Ring Trilogy even though he denied this connection.

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From: Kenneth Timmerman
Date: Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 8:59 AM
Subject: News from FDI – Azeri militants torch Tabriz refinery.

Dear friends:

This news, from the Azerbaijan Movement for Democracy and Integrity in Iran, is extremely important. As we note at the end of our news article, the 1979 revolution began in Tabriz. Please read all of this post, which includes excerpts of our interview with movement spokesman Loheasb Zeinali in Europe, at

Kenneth R. Timmerman
President and CEO
Foundation for Democracy in Iran

March 21, 2011: Iranian dissidents torch Tabriz refinery, transformers. Iranian dissidents in East Azerbaijan province torched the Tabriz refinery using petrol bombs last Tuesday (March 15), setting a massive fire that shut down the refinery for three days, according to the Azerbaijan Movement for Democracy and Integrity in Iran. More than 100 fire-fighting vehicles took 11 hours to get the blaze under control, cutting off electricity to Tabriz, the provincial capital and Iran’s fourth largest city.  The government declared a state of emergency as security forces sealed off the area in a massive manhunt. But in the end, no one was arrested in connection with the attacks, the group said.

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