Dear Mayor Verner:

I saw Ben Stein’s new movie Expelled and couldn’t help making this comparison with Spokane.

Ron the Cop

An email to S-R Reporter Meghann Cuniff regarding her recent article:

Social Web sites become crime-fighting tools (4/20/2008)

The boys didn’t know much about their attackers except the nickname of one. So they turned to for help.


Good article on using net resources to force leverage scarce police resources. If you’re interested sometime I can tell you it was a group of bloggers that follow pedophiles that made the connection between Duncan and the Martinez killing in Riverside County. It wasn’t the feds or any law enforcement entity. This is just one example of the collective parallel processing power of a “smart” distributive computer network. . . You can read more in Significant Cases and Achievements. Scroll down to Mission Focused Strategic Communications.

And yes I’ve been a very “bad boy” lately. Mr. Smith has now banned me from all S-R Blogs. Gee so much for News is a Conversation or A Matter of Opinion. Mr. Smith really must go see Ben Stein’s new movie “Expelled.” Whether you have any belief in Intelligent Design or not, it’s an interesting account of marginalizing those who seek a paradigm shift in a fundamental belief system. I lean towards evolutionary theory but Stein did raise interesting questions worthy of further investigation. And I’m a true skeptic of junk science, medical quackery, and a regular reader of The Skeptical Inquirer.

While the physics folks have learned to deal with frequent paradigm shifts from Newtonian to particle physics to string theory, the evolutionary biologists have difficulty in dealing with those who rock their boat. As an example look how long its taken for Western “modern medicine” to realize that there is a mind body connection re certain brain endorphins release with acupuncture with PET and MRI scans. The Eastern paradigm meets West. It’s not whether Intelligent Design has any relevance when he makes the allegorical inference to Nazisim and other totalitarian regimes, it’s all about restricting free thinking. In the end it’s the open and honest debate that allow us to evolve in our understanding of all things and not marginalizing those who think differently.

S-R Editor Steve Smith bans RBT from all S-R Blogs

Any way good article and no you’re not going straight to the Darkside by working for the S-R. There is a new day dawning in Spokane. There will be a paradigm shift. Times are a changing.

Ron the Cop