Spokane, WA  10-06-11 –

Federal CRV Trial against SPD Officer Thompson  et al

Zehm/Officer Thompson trial to begin in Yakima on Wed Oct 12th at 9AM.  Video link from Yakima to be fed to open courtroom in federal district court in Spokane for any that wish to watch live feed.  Here’s some of the docs filed in court yesterday.  Additional docs filed this morning I don’t have from US Attorney’s Office.

From my FB feed from the courtroom.  Sorry for the fat finger errors from my smart phone:

Ron T. Cop

Live from federal court on motion to reconsider on Zehm case. Standby for updates. . .

To Liberty Command Ctr followers.

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    • Rick Rydell Kxly We will broadcast in realtime as the decision is released, Thanks Ron! 42 minutes ago ·
    • Ron T. Cop Judge inclined to send video feed to courtroom in Spokane frm Yakima in opening remarks. Now hearing from attys. CFJ now addressing on behalf of Zehm fam per victim rights law.29 minutes ago ·
    • Ron T. Cop Also tech not change of venue but relocating within this fed district. 27 minutes ago ·
    • Ron T. Cop atty for Ofc Thompson now speaking. Satisfied with video feed. Only want a couple days for logistics to move. 23 minutes ago ·
    • Ron T. Cop US ATTY ready to proceed on tues request to deny continuance deny. 22 minutes ago ·
    • Ron T. Cop Judge now speaking. Says court staff need time too. Will begin on weds with pretrial and preceed with jury selection. Court adjourned.17 minutes ago ·
    • Rick Rydell Kxly Thanks for the realtime reporting Ron!13 minutes ago ·