There is a new citizen journalism site in Spokane. We can sure use some more. This group is bird dogging the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System. The group has a tongue and cheek site that has “crunched” the numbers of the incinerator and it doesn’t add up. S-R Reporter Jonathan Brunt has written two articles recently, one on recycling and the other on the new civic protest website. I wrote this kudos to Brunt (Below).

Tim Connor and Larry Shook more recently of Camas Magazine fame regarding the RPS bond fraud wrote this piece on the Spokane incinerator project a number of years ago:

Burned: The Life & Times of Spokane’s Incinerator

Ron the Cop


Good article. As you know Camas Magazine does much the same thing re other projects in Spokane:-) I’m a fan of recycling but the program here makes it difficult to do so. The recent article where you can pay more to recycle paper just illustrates this point. The fact that we are shipping green waste out of the county is absurd. There’s something fishy about the incinerator too but I haven’t had the time to look into it. Perhaps it has to do with the take out price of electricity purchased by Avista.



Civic protest goes digital

A cleverly designed website critical of how Spokane manages regional trash disposal has put city officials on the defensive. It claims, among other things, that utility customers have been overcharged and provides a bogus refund claim form that the city is blasting as an attempt “to deceive Spokane consumers.”
Competing websites: Official city site | Protest site