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This comment is from the thread at S-R’s HBO [Spokesman-Review’s blog Huckleberries Online] thread re the former S-R Ombudsman Steve Blewitt. Two regular HBO commenters, Sam and Bob, asked relevant questions of me.

I just posted this comment. It’s self-explanatory. I doubt it will remain long.

UPDATE: – It’s was pulled. Apparently blog moderator Dave Oliveria was overruled as he was going to let it stand.

Ron the Cop
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Here’s the link to the thread


Please bare with me for a moment and allow me to answer both Bob and Sam. The issue of the S-R Ombudsman is just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger game afoot. Strike this comment if you feel it necessary.

Bob and Sam

I’m truly honored by your confidence in my skills & abilities. Yes, this is a very complex conspiracy fraud case involving many Machiavellian players who have compromised their professional ethics and breached the publics’ trust. When this is boiled down though in simple terms, this nothing more than a common confidence game like a “pigeon drop.” The IRS in as much said so when it concluded that the “casino was rigged” when it disallowed the nonprofit tax exemption status for the first bonds.

Actually many people before me have already done the groundwork. Disregard the editorial comments of Camas Magazine, the documents in their archive speak clearly and stand-alone on their face. Base on my read there are people who should be in the slammer. What needs to happen now is for the feds to do their job, not become politically co-opted in the process, impanel a federal grand jury, summon and interview witnesses under oath, if warranted then issue indictments of the principals and bring this case to trial. Anything less will be a travesty of justice.

As I said in my letter to the editor some months ago the inaction and passivity on the part of US Attorney Jim McDevitt spoke volumes to me as to why no federal criminal investigation gained any traction. McDevitt’s potential involvement was well known and yet this was first broken on the Mark Fuhrman Radio Show. Mr. McDevitt subsequent recusal will now allow this process to proceed.

And to my new friend cub reporter Jimmy Olsen, Sam, there has been a method to my apparent OCD madness in my persona as Lt. Columbo. I’m sure I’ve given you a considerable case of cognitive dissonance. One was to open a legitimate public debate. Another was to draw out the principals to force them to play their hands in the open. The third was to draw flak while other actions were being pursued. Unfortunately for my many new friends here at HBO, because of the uniqueness of HBO and the S-R Blogs, they became a forum to carryout this mission. I have now accomplished my goals.

As I said there are other areas being actively pursued beyond the current federal criminal review. I’m not at liberty to discuss them here and now. I will post “new” news when appropriate here when DFO initiates a relevant discussion on Spokane and in my blog. I will now come out from undercover and sign any further comments with my real signature.

As to why Sam, I moved to Spokane for its many fine attributes however there is one thing sorely lacking that is clearly evident to me in my short tenure here. I feel compelled to help restore a healthy political/governmental landscape and a true free market place where businesses will choose to locate here.

And to close:

“All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”?

Det. Ron Wright (Retired – Badge No.1)
Riverside PD, CA

PS I will continue to comment as “RBT” in matters of neo-con tinfoilery:-)