HT Becky Kramer of the Spokesman-Review

See my email I sent to S-R Reporter Beck Kramer :

 A very good article on the significance of the IEP, the Spokane River, and the Rathdrum Aquifer and the number of diverse special interests all competing to make money including the Cowles Co.  Between you and Jonathan Brunt the ghost of “Oliver Staley” must be walking the halls of the S-R newsroom.  I’m really surprised that some of your quotes did not get cut by editors.  The key is how to equitably share the costs of sanitary sewers among all who discharge into the river.  In the past in my opinion some of these entities have unfairly transferred this burden for infrastructure to the public.

You may be interested in this latest email I sent to S-R Editor Steve Smith about following the S-R new code of ethics re conflict of interests with its owners in stories it runs.

Read my comment re the Spokane Valley re “Sewer Wars.”  You might want to re the article by that name by Larry Shook that I linked to.

Ron the Cop

S-R Editor Steve Smith rails about Tim Connor & Larry Shook – maliciously?

Inland Empire Paper objects to new discharge deadline

Document: E-mail string among officials about discharge limits (PDF)

An ambitious plan to clean up the Spokane River is drawing fire from Inland Empire Paper Co., which says it won’t be able to meet strict new wastewater discharge limits by the state’s 10-year deadline.

The newsprint plant’s objections concern other parties at the negotiating table, who fear this late development could derail the long-awaited cleanup.

Inland Empire Paper sells newsprint to customers across the West. It is owned by Cowles Co., which publishes The Spokesman-Review.

The plant was counting on innovative treatment technology and a 20-year timeline to reduce discharges of phosphorus and other compounds that contribute to algae blooms and oxygen-deficient dead zones in Long Lake, Inland Empire President Wayne Andresen said Friday.

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