Friends of Mark Fuhrman is now Ron The Cop

I’ve been considering retiring the name Friends of Mark Fuhrman for some time.  I chose this name when the Mark Fuhrman Radio Show was abruptly ended at KGA1510 AM Spokane, WA.  This blog was created to continue reporting those stories that Mark aired that were not being covered by the Spokesman-Review.  I believe the Cowles Co. may have been involved in why his show was canceled in much the way KXLY TV Report Tom Grant was silenced.  You can read more here.


While I greatly respect Mark Fuhrman there are those that can’t let go of the OJ Case.  I have a story to be told that the citizens of Spokane must know and Fuhrman’s name is sometimes an impediment to others hearing the story.  The story is how the citizens of Spokane were swindled out of $87 million and the murder of Jo Ellen Savage in the River Park Square Garage.


I will keep the domain name FOF.  The new name is linked to the old URL.  All the old links to documents stored here will remain active.


Ron The Cop