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I want to congratulate Dr. Denise Smart on her election as Chair of the Balboa South Indian Trail Neighborhood Council (B/SITNC) and the adoption of the B/SITNC’s Position Paper on the Northside Little League Project by a vote of 100 to 0.  This will send a strong message to our elected and appointed leaders to act responsibility.  The proposed Northside Landfill Little League project isn’t a NIMBY issue or that we are in anyway against the aims and objectives of the Little League.  In short as I believe you have all come to realize, the siting of this project on the Northside Landfill was disingenuous at best and lacked common sense.  Why?

Denise and my wife, who is also a doctor of public health, specifically chose Spokane as a place to relocate after doing extensive research. Spokane has many fine attributes including climate, four real seasons, a functional airport, many major educational and health facilities, shopping, lack of traffic congestion [relative:-)], and as a regional hub is a center for culture and the arts.  Spokane because of these attributes is set to grow economically.  My wife and I helped Denise’s find her house.  Denise and Steve bought it sight unseen based on our recommendation.  We were aware of the SuperFund status of the landfill however based on our research we believed that any repurposing would be many years in the future.   Subsequently, as we have all found, this was wrong.  This is why we’re committed and supporting Denise and the neighbors affected by this project.

Spokane’s economic growth is currently being impeded by a dysfunctional government that has been co-opted/corrupted by an ongoing criminal enterprise.  This is not obvious to most of Spokane’s working families in their busy schedules.  In a normal environment we all look to the local paper to inform/educate us on issues of importance re our government and elected/appointed officials.  Sadly this is not the case in Spokane.

To protect our neighborhoods from the imposition of poorly crafted backroom political deals, we must stay active and engaged to hold our elected/appointed accountable for their decisions/actions.  You have now given a new sense of purpose to the B/SITNC.  It is critical for you to stay engaged for reasons you may not realize.  The proposed Little League project as I’ve told some of you is only the tip of the iceberg of a very dysfunctional political/governmental environment that has been co-opted and corrupted.  The Little League project was not the product of rationally based decision making process but was the outgrowth of a backroom political deal by powerful political players.  Why does this matter to you?  This is costing you as the taxpayers as much as $100M from one fraud alone and the subsequent subornationation by elected/appointed officials.  This is a drain on Spokane’s general fund of nearly $2M per year.  The Spokesman-Review has failed to inform you. Why?

If this rip off does not aggravate you, are the lives of your loved ones important to you?

As I recently wrote Ryan Pitts, the S-R’s online editor, re S-R senior editors Gary Crooks and Doug Floyd of the S-R scrubbing my comments without explanation from their editorial blog, A Matter of Opinion  [excerpt full text here]:

 . . . You should know that I’m acting from the mindset of a seasoned criminal investigator bringing all my extensive professional education, training, and experience to bare on the worst case of public corruption I’ve seen in my entire law enforcement career [See my vitae][My emphasis].  Why?  Because I can.  Because I’m not part of any of the law enforcement organizations that so far has failed to protect the people that they are sworn to protect – I’m breaking blue.  The [Otto] Zehm case is only symptomatic of much deeper co-option/corruption issues as I referred to in my reply to Lewis, “Still waters run deep.”   The actions of certain S-R employees could be construed as rendering criminal assistance (RCW 9A.76.070) to its owners.  Not only am I using the power of the new social media to seek justice but I’m developing evidence for future criminal/civil action e.g, a federal civil RICO case.

Conspicuously the S-R has not led the public debate into the Savage death case [RPS parking garage] as it has righteously done in the Otto Zehm case.  Why?

The public has been left uninformed and has no clue that it should be concerned.  Further I am not alone in believing that the the RPS Parking Garage presents a clear and present danger sufficient that it should be immediately inspected to ensure that it is safe for continued public occupancy.  It could have been any one of us that suffered the tragic fate of Jo Savage.  The question remains does this hazard continue to exist today?


‘Deathtrap’ –  Cowles media dynasty called hub of organized crime by two former lawmen –
Woman died, public threatened because of government collusion with powerful family, they say

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Seattle Times staff reporter [Monday, October 20, 2003 – Page updated at 12:00 AM]


[S-R archive photo circa 1991 showing RPS Parking

Garage vehicle barrier that failed in similar fashion as the

one that broke in 2006 causing Jo Savage to fall to her death

on April 8, 2006 – see below.]

[Evidence located found that these barriers failed in the same manner on average

of two to three time per years since 1991 with full knowledge of the owners and yet they chose

to do nothing until after the death of Jo Savage in 2006.  Why?]