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For some unknown reason the livestream  instructions did not work as provided by the KTW. Another religious program was on the livestream of ACN network. The live broadcast on KTW 630AM aired just fine.

This first installment of Mr. Shook’s interview on Mike Fagan’s and George McGrath’s, “The RIGHT Spokane Perspective,” will be rebroadcast at 5PM tonight. The next three segments are scheduled to air next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9AM and 5PM (May 28, June 1, 2 and 3).

I have most of the segment that aired and will try for the complete show at 5PM.

Here’s the audio I do have.  Sorry because of the above I lost the first segment of the show.  For now I have uploaded the audio below.  I’ve left the show’s ad segments in to support Mike and George’s Spokane based local advertisers.  There may be an embedded ad sorry but this is a free site.

Partial Audio File of today’s segment ( http://tootiny.net/v7f86k )

MEDIA ALERT –  Award winning investigative reporter Larry Shook will appear in four installments on beginning this Friday on Mike Fagan’s and George McGrath’s radio program, “The Right PERSPECTIVE Spokane with Mike and George.”

Mr. Shook has told me this interview will be hard hitting than his previous appearance on the Mark Fuhrman Radio Show.  You can listen to portions of Shook’s appearance as excepted on the the following week  when US Attorney Jim McDevitt appeared and tried to rebut/refute what Shook had alleged:
Fuhrman Show 08-06-07  [This should temporarily work.  I will try to find a better host for my MP3 file]

Ron the Cop


Hi Folks,                                    KTW  AM  630, American Christian Network


Look at the email subject line again. Remember the Mad Max movie “Thunder dome” starring Mel Gibson & Tina Turner?


Well, If you have ever had a suspicion as to who really runs Barter Town (Spokane) you don’t want to miss a series of interviews with Mr. Larry Shook of Camas Magazine.  Larry is a 30 year veteran of investigative journalism, and together with the likes of former Sheriff Tony Baumonte and Ron the Cop, they have amassed alot of evidence implicating the Cowles family and some of our local electeds in such things as;  Racketeering, 1st degree Manslaughter, securities fraud, and more.


Read the stories and see the evidence by visiting;  www.larryshook.com    or   www.camasmagazine.com  


You will learn the answers to the following questions and more;


Did US Senator Patty Murray issue a fraudulent fax noting that the $26 Million HUD loan for RPS was approved before HUD actually approved the loan?


Was the Spokane police chief, the county prosecutor, and others complicit in 1st degree Manslaughter?


Why during an interview would the CEO of the city of Spokane, Mayor Verner, decline to act on something because of “the powers that be”?


Mike & George were blown away by the revelations exposed during this interview and we know that you will be also.


Please plan on listening in to “Right Spokane Perspective” beginning tomorrow, Friday 28 May at 9 AM  or 5 PM





Larry Shook’s four part interview series can be heard here:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV