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I hope my interview was eye opening on a story that has so far been off limits by the local media for a number of reasons.  I would encourage all to read Larry Shook’s commentaries at his blog:

I will expand this post later but here are key references/sources of what I alleged on this show:

Savage Manslaughter Case File

RICO Case File

Table of Evidence

And some more:

Michael Ormsby for US Attorney – Akin to Barney Madoff for SEC Chair

Gavin Cooley CFO Spokane, WA – Misues of CPA complaint

Criminal complaint filed against Spokane Co Prosecutor Steve Tucker and others with Gov. Christin Gregoire

 A New Year’s Day brick through The Inlander’s rose-coloured windows

If you are not familiar with former Sheriff Tony Bamonte (Pend Oreille Co, WA) of Breaking Blue fame that I referred to on the show then you must read this review of the book by the same name.

UPDATE I [Edited]:

Here’s the interview audio files (MP3) from a site that doesn’t embed commercials:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Ron the Cop’s interview

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