UPDATE to the original post

Email sent to Spokane County Sheriff’s IA Det. Gere on 03-07-11 in response to recent supplement report by Spokane PD Det. Brian Hirzel in the Creach OIS investigation.  The SCSO’s is currently doing its IA review/investigation into this very tragic shooting for all involved both the family and officers involved.


Det. Gere

SCSO Internal Affair Unit:


Re:  Creach OIS Investigation & Det. Hamond’s Supplement Report of 01-18-11


Dear Det. Gere,

I have since reviewed the sup rpt by SPD Det. Hamond dated 01-18-11 that Sheriff Knezovich referred to at our meeting on 02-04-11.  Here are a couple of key passages from my letter which is attached on MS Word .doc form:


I will eventually write an addendum to my Report and Analysis – Creach OIS Investigation in response to Det. Hamond’s new supplement report.  Since SCSO IA investigation/review is now underway, I’m providing my thoughts and insights in response to Det. Hamond’s supplement in advance of writing an Addendum III.


I will repeat again the Creach family has not retained me.  I am acting independently of the Creach family.  Please see my disclaimer in my email to Prosecutor Tucker. . .


I have read Det. Hamond’s supplement as well as the attached documents.  I do agree several of the issues and concerns have been resolved or were referred to police administration for further discussion. Regardless – my over all findings regarding the Creach OIS investigation as given to Mr. Tucker remain the same:


The OIS investigation as prepared by SPD is so flawed and incomplete that it poses a serious legal liability for the citizens of Spokane County. It left so many unaddressed and unanswered issues/questions as to actually raise the question of whether it is an attempt on the part of law enforcement to cover up a policeman’s crime. If that is not the intent of this embarrassingly poor investigation, the only other conclusion I can draw is that it reflects professional incompetence that the public cannot accept. As a member of the public who served as a police officer for 35 years, I certainly do not accept it. . .


The question now is whether the SCSO will do a complete and thorough IA review/investigation.  Will SCSO actually search for the truth or will it simply follow the path set by SPD?  I encouraged you to very carefully consider my analysis and recommendations as you proceed with the IA review and investigation. 


As before if you have any questions or need any clarification please call me on my cell at any time or send me an email.




Det. Ron Wright (Retired)


As investigative reporter Larry Shook previously commented on my work:

Det. Wright:

As a journalist following this matter, it occurs to me there is another compelling question at this moment. Does an inadequate work product by Mr. Tucker expose the taxpayers of Spokane County to gratuitous financial loss that could result from the Creach family suing over their father’s death? As a veteran police investigator, what’s your view? The people of Spokane are entitled to know if they are being needlessly exposed to financial loss resulting from unprofessional police work. This is a completely different matter than the tragic needless loss of life.

I am very skeptical about the need to have killed Rev. Creach. I’m not saying the deputy wasn’t justified, but were I a member of a jury weighing the justification of his killing I would begin with this understanding: Rev. Creach was an old man responding to a noise in the night on his own property. And a Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy killed him. You’d better believe I would demand the most professional possible justification for his death. I am a strong supporter of the police. I even had a little police training and did a little police work myself as an Army MP. But nobody supports poor police work. There’s no excuse for it. And there’s no excuse for saddling innocent taxpayers with the liability of it. It seems to me that you have been begging the prosecutor and sheriff to do their jobs. In your professional opinion, are they? These aren’t rhetorical questions. . .

Thank you. Sincerely, Larry Shook