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BREAKING – Former Sheriff Tony Bamonte to form committee to recall Co Prosecutor Steve Tucker

I just posted this comment on Rick Rydell KXLY (Facebook page):

UPDATE – Regarding the recall of Co Prosecutor Steve Tucker there is a FaceBook page that was created sometime ago. However former Sheriff Tony Bamonte is now leading an effort to Recall Steve Tucker (This is the FaceBook page). Please friend this site and watch it for future updates. A Committee is now forming to construct the recall petition that will be alleging malfeasance in office. Once this petition is created this effort will be more public.


In the meantime if anyone was present at this meeting where Steve Tucker made this statement as witnessed by Spokane City Councilman Bob Apple, please contact us either by posting here or on the Recall Steve Tucker FB page:


Every October the local Labor council has an open union meeting for all labor members out at the Fair Grounds and at these meetings some political office candidates are invited to give a speech. It was at one of these events a few years ago that candidate Steve Tucker and as I heard it specifically stated that he would not prosecute a public employee and though mic used have no idea if recorded but very much doubt the organizers would share such a recording. I then would think enough witnesses that heard the same thing could collaborate . . .


Det. Ron Wright (Retired – 35 yrs Riverside PD, CA)