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For those concerned about the direction and attitude of the SCSO and SPD as demonstrated in the overt cover-up of the Zehm case and to a lesser degree Creach OIS here's what I wrote to the families of Zehm, Creach, Dodd and Jo Ellen Savage. Also don't forget to friend the FaceBook page Recall Steve Tucker: . . . These officers violated policy they accepted as a condition of employment. . . . You have an important voice in our community to demand change and to hold accountable those who have failed us. If you agree join with us in demanding: 1. Demand that the US Attorney’s Office expand its current criminal investigation in the Zehm case to include any who were complicit and aided and or abetted in the cover-up and to prosecute for obstruction of justice. 2. Demand that the US DOJ initiate a pattern and practice investigation of SPD 3. Demand of the County Commissioners require all OIS/OIDs to be reviewed by an inquest panel as I describe in my letter below. Write to the US Attorney’s Office re expanding the Zehm criminal investigation: Tim Durkin, Assistant U. S. Attorney -EDWA 300 United States Courthouse P.O. Box 1494 Spokane, Washington 99210-1494 and to the US DOJ that has the authority to order a pattern and practice investigation of SPD and related LE entities: Mr. Thomas F. Perez Assistant Attorney General US Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Civil Rights Division Criminal Section - PHB Washington, DC 20530 If the salute by members of the SPD in federal court was offensive to you, you can officially complain to SPD Ombudsman Tim Burns as I have. There are SPD policies these officer violated that they have accepted as a condition of their employment: Office of Police Ombudsman The Old City Hall Building 221 N. Wall Street, Suite 238 Spokane, Washington 99201 (509) 625-6742 SPDombudsman@spokanecity.org Fax (509) 625-6748 And lastly join in former Sheriff Tony Bamonte’s recall of Steve Tucker that he will soon launch. Please share with your social networks - friends and relatives, as this is how we can regain control of our local government that has lost its way. This City should not be run by the Police Guild and or the “powers that be.” You are not alone. WE THE PEOPLE chose who will govern and it is WE THE PEOPLE who can hold them accountable when they fail to serve us.