KXLY is now reporting that Shannon Sullivan who is the single mom who did the successful recall on Spokane Mayor Jim West, will file paperwork to seek the recall Steve Tucker for malfeasance, misfeasance and violations of his oath of office during his tenure as Spokane County Prosecutor.

The KXLY website has Sullivan’s statement of charges.  Attached is my sworn declaration of Councilman Bob Apple’s statement that is referenced in the Sullivan’s charging document but KXLY did not have a copy at the time of this report:

Every October the local Labor council has an open union meeting for all labor members out at the Fair Grounds and at these meetings some political office candidates are invited to give a speech.  It was at one of these events a few years ago that candidate Steve Tucker and as I heard it specifically stated that he would not prosecute public employees. 


Ron Wright

The only way evil can prevail is if good people do nothing!


Shannon Sullivan mounting effort to recall Prosecutor Steve Tucker

KXLY Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — Shannon Sullivan, the woman who led a grassroots effort to launching a new campaign to recall Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker.