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To the Citizens of Spokane – Time to take a stand!

Shades of the Incinerator Project?

This S-R article caught my attention and the ongoing irony.

In case you missed it, I’ve included it at the bottom. This is perhaps the latest installment of or as Larry Shook reported in “Sewer Wars” in the Valley. Or as I have noted the Spokane Valley is the new “Chinatown.” This is the period genre movie of the water wars of the City of Los Angeles at the turn of the century. Except in the Valley it’s all about the effluent discharged in the Spokane River and who’s going to pay for the sewer infrastructure mandated now by the EPA. Coincidently the players own a lot of property between Spokane and the stateline. Further one only need review the migration of the players’ attorneys as being City Attorney of Spokane Valley e.g., Stan Schwartz of Whitherspoon & Kelly.

This article even mentioned the public/private incinerator! Some believe this incinerator project was another public/private project that was subverted to enrich a few unfairly at taxpayer expense. I’m not adverse at all re quasi governmental/private joint ventures. But when as the IRS re the RPS bonds that the,”Casino was rigged,” I’m not. The public took all the risks and when it went sour the players left the table with the pot leaving the public holding and empty bag like the victims in a classic pigeon drop con game. Where are the “usual suspects” in this deal? BTW I’ve scanned Larry Shook’s article and am hosting it on my server at:

This article caused me to take some time to collect my thoughts re RPS et al and its meaning and impact to the citizens of Spokane. Further I’m going to start the email group that I’ve had on hold at YahooGroups.

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As you know IMHO Mark Fuhrman was “taken out” because he was cutting close to the bone on the River Park Square on his KGA Radio Show just like Tom Grant was previously. After all Mark brought us all together, was instrumental in Ozzie’s election, probably caused Hession to lose the mayoral election e.g, the Ormsby loan, provided a forum for Mary Verner to address the public, S-R Steve Smith showed his “true colors” re the S-R’s objectivity, and most importantly provided a forum for Mayor Talbot, Tom Grant, Cherie Rodgers, Tim Connor, and Larry Shook to unveil the River Park Square fraud. IMHO this is an ongoing street robbery of the citizens of Spokane by a group of street thugs albeit it clever ones who were aided by dirty attorneys that suborned their illegal acts. This fraud alone approaches $100M and is costing $1.5M dollars annually.

This is all well documented at Tim Conner’s and Larry Shook’s website:

And don’t miss the soon to be published book re the adventures of Cherie Rodgers as documented by Larry Shook at:

Girl from Hot Springs

regarding the tragic death of Jo Savage in “Death by Parking.” Sheriff Bamonte and I believe that the Savage death was no less than a negligent homicide and should be investigated and prosecuted as a First Degree Manslaughter.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton and I have created a companion Mark Fuhrman fan website to continue Mark’s hard hitting work on RPS. As many of you know it’s my opinion the S-R by its self-censorship and selective filtering, blocking, and censorship of important info re RPS et al is being used as an instrumentality of the the ongoing criminal enterprise to conceal its illegal activity from the public who otherwise informed would hold their elected and appointed officials accountable for their criminal acts. Perhaps we can bring back Mark in this virtual world via Net Radio and/or podcast interviews link from this site.

I will begin to post relevant material at this fan site in the very near future. Please pass the word on the email group and the fan site to your friends. Fortunately for us the demographics of Spokane are changing. The new comers will soon realize as I have that the systemic level of political/governmental corruption in this town is the worst I’ve seen in my 35 law enforcement career. IMHO this is an self perpetuating ongoing criminal enterprise. It acts collectively as some river parasite on the citizens of Spokane sucking its life blood and soul. The effect is it has stunted the real growth of Spokane through restraint of trade. It gains and unfair competitive advantage with its illegal acts over other businesses already here or other businesses seeking to relocate here and chose not to.

The newcomers don’t suffer from this accepted culture of victimization in Spokane by these robber barons and will tolerate it no more. With the advent of the “new media” e.g., the Net/Blogosphere, we now have a mechanism to build a ad hoc network of concerned citizens to restore a “normal” political/governmental/business environment in Spokane. There is a head of steam building and the rabble are gathering their shovels and pitchforks to storm the Bastille to restore a civil society.

Please spread the word. You are no longer alone. WE ARE THE PEOPLE. United WE THE PEOPLE can restore our government we empower and hold those accountable who have violated our trust.

AKA “Ron the Cop” a regular of The Mark Fuhrman Show


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Firms to compete for sewage contract
Facility will be in Spokane but process wastewater for Spokane Valley

John Craig
Staff writer
January 17, 2008

Two international corporations will lay out proposals March 14 for making Spokane Valley’s sewage among the cleanest in the nation.

Spokane County officials will receive offers from Denver-based CH2M HILL and Paris-based Veolia Water for designing, building and operating a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant to process Spokane Valley wastewater.

Although 85 to 90 percent of the new plant’s flow will come from the city of Spokane Valley, the 8 million-gallon- per-day plant will be located in the city of Spokane – at the former stockyard property near Freya Street and Boone Avenue – and owned by Spokane County.


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